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"If It’s Not You" is our new single together with AYER. It’s full on nu-disco party music.

Premiered by Indie Shuffle:

If you like the track, please give it a heart at hypem:’s+Not+You

Last year we remixed NYC-singer AYER’s debut single “Circle Down” which turned out the be a great success. It was received really well, getting over 600.000 Soundcloud plays, and turning up in the HypeM top 10 three times in a row.

“If It’s Not You” has been in the works for about a year and we’re really excited about how it turned out! The release comes with and extended mix for dj’s and a really cool remix by Tobtok.

We’re releasing this track by ourselves, so without the help from any label. We would be extremely grateful if you’d make the effort to share this track with your friends!

Keljet: @keljet
AYER: @officialayer
Tobtok: @tobtok

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